An Overview of Various Progressive Lenses Brands

14 septembrie 2010

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I have worn progressive glasses for many years, and I know about some progressive lenses brands that whorthy sharing..One of the benefits of wearing brand glasses is that you do not have to worry about their quality.The type of lens we recommend varies depending on your prescription, or in some instances, the frame type you select.


The Accolade with Harmonix is the first progressive lens that takes the shape of the eye into account. The term Harmonix symbolizes the patented technology that brings harmony to your prescription and individual eye shape. This gives you faster adjustment; 9 out of 10 patients adapt immediately. Accolade technology also offers better visual acuity and peripheral vision than standard progressive lenses.

Teklite Planet

Teklite Planet combines eco-conscious manufacturing and excellent optical qualities in a no-line bifocal lens. Thanks to custom-fit progressive lens technology, Teklite Planet delivers clear, seamless vision for every wearer. It provides a flatter lens profile and the comfort of thinner, lighter materials. Teklite Planet comes standard with scratch and water resistant coating, offers 100% UV protection and features the SuperClear Anti-reflective Coating which improves visual acuity and reduces glare. Teklite Planet is good for your eyes and good for the earth. Their production process convserves water and reclaims plastic leftover after the initial molding stage for use in other industries.

Autograph II Office Progressive

Autograph II Office Progressive will help you clearly focus on objects in their small environment. Office is an occupational progressive lens designed to provide uncompromised visual acuity for near and mid-range vision. It helps with Computer Vision Syndrome (CSV) and provides edge-to-edge, distortion-free sight. Using patented EyePoint Technology, the Office lens allows you to clearly perceive depth and dimension, and improves peripheral vision. The lenses are also extremely thin due to aspheric vision zones.

Accolade Freedom

Utilizing the Harmonix technology of Accolade lenses and newly designed FrameOptimization technology, Accolade Freedom lenses turn ordinary eye measurements into extraordinary vision. FrameOptimization adjusts the design and your prescription to the available visual space. This means you get a personal best field of view that maximizes your prescription, optimizes visual zones and provides better freedom in frame choice.

Autograph II Progressive

Autograph II Progressive is the industrys most popular Freeform Lens. Its perfect for patients who want ultimate personalized optics with the freedom to choose any frame. By capturing each patients unique information like prescription, pupil distance, frame measurements and lifestyle preferences, a personalized lens can be generated. The Autograph II Progressive uses patented FreeFrame and As-Worn Technologies to adapt that personal lens design to the frame itself, which gives you a 20% wider field of vision.

You can compare reputaiton and prices of these progressive lenses brands before you buy your pair. There will be more information related on their websites.


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