Classify eyeglasses into several parts

8 ianuarie 2011

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As you go local stores for a pair of fashion eye glasses ,you are prone to different kinds of eyeglasses when you face plenty of colorful and stylish eye glasses in the windows ,you may just nail-biting.

As a matter of fact, you dont worry about what you should choose. If you read this article carefully, you will make a distinct understand of the fashion eyeglasses frames types. Then you will know what you should choose and you can easily choose from the large options.

According to the rim of the prescription eyeglasses, they can be classified into four types, that is, rimless frame, half rimless frame, full frame and reading frame. You can select what you want and what are suitable for you based on your personal preference and demands.

As the name shows, the rimless glasses frames have no frame at all around the lens. Rimless eyeglasses come in three pieces (two temples and the nose part). The lenses are actually part of the structure of the frame. A half-rimless glasses frame design has a rim over the top half of the lens (and sometimes just on the bottom half).

As for full frames, they are just normal eye frames. Full lenses are cover by frame at all sides. This kind of frame is more useful in roughly usage especially for kids. The last type, reading frames, they are a generic term that refers to glasses frames that hold lenses that are used only for reading.

Since the different functions of the different eyeglasses frames, the wearers must know what they need and then make choices., get the suitable eye glasses not only for the need of seeing but also add the charming of appearance .the double advantage you will win buy such a selection you may get ,why not just have a try ?


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