Special Functions of Magnetic Sunglasses

31 ianuarie 2011

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It is until that I have known another function of the magnetic clip-on sunglasses in recent days. In our minds, the function of the sunglasses just can improve our eye visions and protect our eyes from the strong sunlight and UV radiations. In fact, the magnetic sunglasses have a surprised function that it can help people see the cards of other people have when they playing cards. It is the first times I have know it in this article. Do you want to know how the sunglasses work in the playing of the cards? If you are interested in this, you can read this article in detail.

The magnetic clip-on sunglasses are convenient for cards players when they playing cards. So whats the magic behind these poker shades? If youve played a game of poker, then you probably know that bluffing is an essential part of the game. With poker sunglasses, players claim to be more confident in bluffing. They dont have to worry about their opponents noticing their shifty eye movement when bluffing because their eyes are hidden behind these opaque glasses. Whats more is that these poker shades allow you to watch your opponents facial reactions without themknowing.

The clip-on sunglasses can help cards players worn large numbers of money when they playing cards. These poker sunglasses, which, according to Steve Rosenbloom of ESPN were purchased at Disneyland, became famous because it helped Raymer win 5 million dollars talk about a lucky pair of specs! Poker shades werent received with the same enthusiasm by Raymers opponents, however.

The magnetic clip-on sunglasses are populated among the cards players. The debate about poker sunglasses is ongoing, and will probably go on for a couple more years. If people find the use of these wholesale poker sunglasses unfair, why not take advantage of it as well? Among the uses mentioned above, poker shades are also very effective in hiding the eyes when the pupils dilate after seeing something big pocket aces, perhaps?

You may find many cards players wearing clip-on sunglasses when they playing cards. Another famous international poker player is Dave Ulliott, famous for his criminal activities but eventually winning a World Series of Poker bracelet and becoming a mainstay in televised poker. He is also famous for his orange-tinted poker shades, a sharp suit and gold knuckleduster rings.

So many cards players wearing magnetic clip-on sunglasses that can help them won lots of money. They are famous in all around the world. They have several pairs of the magnetic clip-on sunglasses; they wear them in different conditions. It also enhances their confidence in playing cards. You may love it or hate, it doesnt matter, and you can buy a pair of the magnetic clip-on sunglasses to prove the truth of this.

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