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17 februarie 2011

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With the new advanced technology, there have been many changes eyeglasses. Just take example of materials of the frames, the most common for our choices are plastic frames ,titanium frames , metal frame ,in recent years ,there is a new materials of eyeglasses frames for our choices flexon frames own many merits and attractive peoples attentions.

As you can see, the eyeglasses frames can be specified into detailed groups such as metal frames, wooden frames, plastic frames and the flexible frames. The flexon frames, as lightweight flexible eyeglasses frames, are pretty popular among customers.

Eye wear can be specified into more detailed groups, like frames, lenses, cases, or other specific eye glasses and the same goes for eye glasses frames which can also be categorized into more specific categories, like plastic frames, metal frames; traditional frames, flexible frames, and so on if judged from different criteria. Of so many flexible frames, Flexon frames are some of the most typical and outstanding articles, which are also the best sellers among so many bendable frames.

These bendable frames are ideal alternatives for people who are in need of different eyeglasses, for different eye glasses lenses can be fixed on them. For example, people who are in need of prescription eyeglasses, RX eye glasses, Clear eye wear can use these frames by fixing the related lenses. Still, some other lenses can also be filled onto flexon frames, like sunglasses lenses, bifocal lenses, etc. In addition, people who often do some sports activities can also choose eyeglasses with Flexon frames, largely because these bendable frames are lightweight and durable and can ensure great vision safety for the users who may face very strong explosive while jumping or running. Therefore, no matter what the users demands are, be for vision rectifying or decorating, bendable Flexon eye glasses frames are ideal alternatives.

Flexon frames, as their names indicate, refer to glasses frames made from Flexon, also called titanium memory alloy. The history of these frames can be dated back to 1988 when Marchon has put Flexon into use for the first time. And facts have witnessed the success of the try and more and more Flexon eye wear come into being as a result.

In most cases, these frames can also be categorized into bendable eye wear that can be twisted and bended, and will rebound to their previous shapes subsequently. Compared to other materials, eye glasses frames made from Flexon are much lighter and durable than common ones- this is one of the reason why they are loved by so many people who want to have comfort and freedom, even with eye wear. Of course, these products are relatively or much expensive than those common ones.

Due to their unique features, those flexible frames can not be tinted in too many colors, though they can also be used as accessories if fixed with very attractive lenses. However, users will find that they have more options in the shapes, like round, rectangle, oval, rectangle, which will make a contrast with users faces. Still, these frames will bring great comfort and freshness to the users, especially for those who have very sensitive skins.

To sum up, the lightweight flexible eyeglasses frames can provide customers with more options and freedom. This type can also bring great comfort and freshness to people.

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