The Most Practical Eyewear—Clip on Sunglasses

7 mai 2011

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The coming summer not only bring hot weather, but also give us plenty of sunshine. Although sunshine contributes to our health, it also carries some harmful UV rays. Those UV rays burn the skin and damage the eyes as well. It is said that exposing in UV rays for a long time will cause snow blindness. Some researches also suggest that exposure to UV rays in sunshine over many years may cause cataracts in their later life. So, young people should also take care of their eyes. Besides, the strong light outside is also an eyesore which make it difficult for you to see things clearly. It is dangerous while you walking in the streets without any protection.

To fight against UV rays and mild strong sunshine, most of people prefer to wear a pair of sunglasses. However, for people who suffer from myopia or astigmatism, common sunglasses cant meet their needs for vision aids. In this condition, clip on sunglasses is one of the perfect choices.

Clip on sunglasses are made from regular prescription eyeglasses by attaching clip on. That means clip on sunglasses are made up of two layers of lenses. The inside layer is to correct vision and the outside layer is to prevent UV rays and mild strong lights. To meet customers demands, different shaped frame of clip on sunglasses are available. Whats more, you can take off the outside layer of lenses if you dont want to wear it indoor so as to get a pair of regular eyeglasses. So, with a pair of clip on sunglasses, you can get both vision aids and UV protection. Besides, you can use it both as prescription eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses. Why not have a try?

But here is an advice for people who use clip on sunglasses. It is just a pair of sunglasses or prescription eyeglasses and it isn’t sports sunglass. So, please not wear it in a rough sports games. If you want to wear sunglasses to take part in some sports activities outdoors for eye protection, you should better buy some sports sunglasses or goggles. Those sunglasses are specially designed for sports games.


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