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13 mai 2011

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Nowadays, prescription sunglasses are universally accepted by a great number of people. Compared to the traditional sunglasses, it performs better than traditional ones. The modern sunglasses have the function to correct vision. According to the remarkable feature on the surface of lenses, it can be divided into two sorts. They are the tinted lenses and the photochromic lenses. Both of them have its unique character.

What are tint and tint options

Tint is the permanent colors added to your lenses. It makes your regular eyeglasses look like the prescription type. The tint lenses always keep the original color and do not change with the strength of light. It is said that the dark colors have better function to block the harmful rays, and the light colors are used to add your fashion. So if you are exposed to strong light, you are recommended to wear the sunglasses with dark colors. Besides, some kind of color may have its special function. For example, the lenses with yellow color are the best choice for shooters in order to decrease the haze and make objects clear. The gray, brown perform well in preventing UV rays prevention.

What does the Photochromic lenses perform?

Photochromic lenses darken when they are exposed in the sunlight, and recover clear color when wearers stay indoor. They are the perfect options for the prescription sunglass wearers. Photochromic lenses have many molecules embedded in them. Because these molecules are transparent, the lenses will be light in the absence of UV light. Due to the presence of UV rays, the molecules react and change. And then the molecules absorb some light and make the lens darken. Generally speaking, lenses will become darker under the influence of brighter sunlight.

However, not every lens is suitable for everyone. For example, the photochromic lenses are not fit for the drivers. Because the drivers need to be clear with outdoor color and views, while the photochromic sunglasses block the drivers from acute judgments.



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