Different sunglasses for the myopic

17 mai 2011

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The sunglasses are necessary for people to protect eyes and enjoy fashion. However, it is really a tough job to a large group who suffer from myopia. Wearing sunglasses is really not easy to get clear vision, filter sunshine with sun-proof function and look stylish. With the rapid growth of the optical industry, there are some methods to deal with this trouble. Some sunwears are particularly made for the myopic patients, which are popular with the customers.

In current optical market, there are four series of sunwears for the myopic. The first one is tinted sunglasses. They are the ordinary prescription glasses with colors. The majority of people can afford them, but they are with the ineffective ultra violet resistance. The second type is the polarized prescription sunglasses. The customers can choose the colors and styles according to own demands. They are usually with stylish appearance and effective to block ultra violet rays. But the luminousness is not enough and they are not suitable to wear indoor. The third group is clip on sunglasses. It is composed of the prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses clips. You can turn up or down based on the light condition. It is quite convenient. The last style is the photochromic prescription sunglasses. They can change color with the light which is stylish and convenient. But the prices of them are quite high.

There are various kinds of sunglasses styles, but not all of them are suitable to be manufactured into prescription sunglasses. The small frames are wonderful choices. It is better to get them in professional optical shops. As for the colors, the gray and brown are the main trends for they can get clear vision without image distortion and they are suitable for the myopic patients.

Besides the function, the sunglasses are important fashion ornament. The suitable pair will beautify face. There are luxurious, simple and casual styles in current market. The butterfly-shaped sunglasses are in modern and luxurious style. The wraparound sunglasses are in large size and quite simple. There are sports sunglasses as well, such as the Ray-Ban retro style, aviator sunglasses.

As for the myopic, there are also a lot of sunglasses to choose from. If you are still worrying about getting sunglasses, it is time to go to optical stores to get sunglasses for myopic people.


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