The Sunglasses with Photochromic Lenses

30 mai 2011

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Do you want a pair of sunglasses which can offer better effects especially for outdoor activities? If so, you can consider sport sunglasses with the transitional lenses. The lenses also are named as photochromic lenses which can change the lenses colors according to the different environment.

With the photochromic lenses, the sport sunglasses darken when they are exposed to the sunlight and turn to clear when wearers stay indoor, which refers to a special chemical reaction with the lenses. The transitional lenses have the sensitization effect so that they can change their color automatically. Many manufacturers introduce the transitional lenses to attract more customers.

More and more people need the prescription sunglasses, especially in the hot summer, when almost everyone needs a pair of protective sun wear to prevent them from sunburn. Compared to the traditional sunglasses, the prescription sunglasses can correct eye issues for sufferers and provide them a clear vision. Moreover, the modern prescription sunglasses can also be made with photochromic lenses.

Besides, the photochromic lenses can be chosen for regular eyeglasses or prescription sunglasses. As a matter of fact, the regular eyeglasses can switch to sunglasses if the lenses are equipped with photochromic lenses so that the dark lenses colors (grey and brown) make the eyeglasses look like sunglasses. In addition, the photochromic lenses consist of many molecules which react and change its shape. When the environment stimulates the surface of lenses, the molecules will absorb some of the visible light causing the lenses to become darken. In a word, the darker lenses follow the brighter sunlight, and the indoor environment will make the lenses return to be clear.

However, the transitional lenses are limited to some people. For example, the drivers are not suggested to wear sunglasses with transitional lenses, because the glasses in front of the car block the UV rays totally. Thus, the photochromic lenses can not touches the UV rays (the lenses perform its function with the help of UV rays). Therefore, the sunglasses with the photochromic lenses will lose its function and cant make any change in the car.


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